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Where are you located?

Emunah v’Omanut is located in Kiryat HaYovel, a Jerusalem neighborhood near Bayit Vegan and the Malcha shopping mall, just a bus ride away from the center of town and the old city.  We occupy space in one building which houses our dormitory, bet midrash, classrooms, cafeteria and offices. Students utilize the art studio on campus as well as travel by van to the Emunah College to use studio space there. We have an on campus recording studio as well as music rooms in which students have individual music instruction as well as ensemble and choral work. In addition, there is an exercise room and kitchen available for student use. The building is guarded by a secure door as well as close circuit cameras. The building is protected by security guards at night. We share our facility with Midreshet Yeud.


Why do I need to integrate Torah and Art?

Instead of seeing the world separated into art and music on one hand and Torah on the other hand, the total educational experience at Midreshet Emunah v’Omanut seeks to bridge these two worlds. Some students find particular moments of inspiration in their art or music. We want that inspiration to fill your religious world as well. Our projects help Torah themes live and breathe through artistic and musical creations.


What if I am not such a good artist or musician?

Midreshet Emunah v’Omanut offers music and art classes at a range of levels. While we are able to satisfy art and music students who have been studying for many years, we also provide classes for students with raw talent who have never had the opportunity for formal training, and anything in-between. Do not be afraid to apply to our school because you don’t think you are “good enough”. Midreshet Emunah v’Omanut is committed to providing a supportive environment for a full range of students of the arts. Our program succeeds in challenging students at every level, from well-trained musicians and artists as well as those who are just starting out. Our peer groups and sensitive instructors provide a warm and supportive atmosphere to grow as a musician and / or artist. We do require a sample of your music or art as part of our admissions process so that we can assess whether you will benefit and enjoy the serious attention we give to art and music. The most important ingredient is strong motivation to develop your skills and talent.


Is the level of the Torah classes still serious?

Of course. Artists and musicians are every bit as likely to be serious students. Even more so due to the patience and discipline developed while pursuing their art. Often their creative thinking makes for especially lively and engaging classroom dynamics. The quality of instruction remains high and demanding. Whether you have chosen a more text based class or a more discussion based class – you will find that your Limudei Kodesh which fills both morning and night Seder is focused on knowledge acquisition, skill development and deepened understanding. Yes, time spent in the art and music studio is time not spent in the Bet Midrash. The quantity of Torah learned will differ if you dedicate your entire day to Torah study exclusively. However, for students who love Torah, art and music the overall experience of developing themselves as an integrated creative Torah personality can be much greater.


Does the focus on art take away from focusing on Judaic studies and religious growth?

We have found that serious art and music studies helps a person develop as a Torah personality in many ways. You learn patience and discipline. You learn to be brave and put your creations out in to the world for all to see. You become sensitive and discerning while making careful judgments and become both more appreciative and more critical of your own work. You learn to see beauty in Hashem’s  wonderful creations. And most importantly, the greatest way to thank Hashem for the gifts He gave you is to develop them further and put them to good use in the service of Hashem. We have found that religious growth often emerges most powerfully through developing all aspects of oneself.


Can I participate in both the art and music track?

We encourage our students to focus in a single area in order to achieve mastery. However, students can enhance their program by incorporating drama, music and art elements in a multidisciplinary program.


Why the emphasis on creativity?

Creative individuals process their experiences and develop their ideas in unique ways. At Midreshet Emunah v’Omanut, your teachers and peers speak the language of creativity. Our students have commented: “my teachers finally get me. Here I am understood and appreciated.” We give you tools, structures and opportunities to use your creative thinking to help you grow and develop religiously and spiritually. And you will find other students just like you who have come to do the same.


What creative options do you offer?

We have fully developed programs integrating serious Torah study with art and music. However, creative students are often creative in a variety of ways and seek expression beyond music and art. Therefore we also offer our students classes in Dance, Drama and Creative writing.


How do I apply?

We are members of the online joint application initiative and therefore you can log onto and follow the application process there. For additional application information including the music/art component, see instructions at our website's admissions page.


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