The students explored concepts of freedom and liberation producing artwork and divrei torah that is both personal and impressive.  Check it out.



As the students explored the concepts found in Havdalah, they created amazing paper-cuts that were then compiled into this beautiful work.  Check it out.

As the students explored the concepts found in Havdalah, they created amazing paper-cuts that were then compiled into this beautiful work.  Check it out.

Mezuzot and Pesach

Megilat Esther

For several weeks leading up to this project, our Chumash classes explored the theme of liminality throughout the Pesach story.  At the initiative of Mrs. Inbar Gabay-Zada, we organized a joint effort between the Photography, Ceramics and Chumash classes in order to explore this deep concept through Torah and Art. We invite you to view a fantastic 'look-book' created by Mrs. Chaykee Mor presenting student essays and artwork on the theme of doorways.


We also have a special video presentation here:

This year's students did an in-depth exploration of Megilat Esther in all it's glory.  They identified with the struggles and triumphs of the Jewry of that time and expressed their thoughts through Art, Photography, and Writing.

"...listen to the story carefully, learn from Esther and Mordechai, and consider how we can act to protect Bnei Israel." Penina Simkovitz

"I remember...my friends and my teachers being dragged down the road towards the palace in the middle of the night.  I am still haunted by their screams." Racheli Usdan

So tonight there will be no more music, tonight there will be no more laughter, tonight there will be no more you or orders to listen to, because I have my own voice." Gavi Rubin

Megilat Ruth

At the end , the students explored Megilat Ruth.  Through an exegetic journey, they interacted with the text through the arts, writing, drama and music.  A critical eye and inspiring Torah shiurim tied together many parts of Megilat Ruth into the creative works displayed here;

"A decision can change the course of one’s life. A choice that can leave you wishing you could go back or one that makes you want to keep moving forward." Anava Glazer

"Throughout my reading of the megilah the imagery of hands was constantly evoked in my mind. Helping hands, working hands, suffering hands and holding hands."  Julia Packer

“A classic struggle;

For a trivial goal every obstacle appears great, for a great goal every obstacle is trivial.”

Rena Lieberman

A Maggid Comanion

A small compilation of holy thoughts; the Maggid Companion was produced mid-year. Students studied the haggada and opened their hearts to realize their inspiration in creative outlet.  Each student has found her own place among the folios of the ancient book of our people. It is here that our students, having worked so hard, find their place as both artists and young Torah scholars.

"Hashem will continue to be there for us just as He was when He came at midnight, or when He came every Pesach. Hashem will continue to guide us, hidden or not, to the age of Mashiach." Aviva Gomberg

"We seem trapped, passing over time. But our faith rules our minds and we control the insides of our spirits. Like flat bread we pancake our thoughts and hide them inside us we do not show the enemy our strengths and weaknesses we share our lonely journey linked to one another our bodies bleed death but our eyes shine glittering spectacles of life."  Layla Feder

Biblical Portraits

Artists often experience life visually, picturing an image as they learn a story. As our students invested time studying and analyzing the rich texts of the Tanach, they began to conjure up images of the characters they were meeting. Based on the information learned in Tanach, including commentary, they explored the essence of these personalities by painting them. And so, through the student initiative, our Biblical portraits project was conceived.

"But a person’s qualities are measured in their capacity to repent and fully accept responsibility for their wrongdoing." Sara Noa Mark

"He's always there waiting for her to return to Him. All she needs to do, all we need to do as the Jewish people, is answer the door." Raquel Heller

 "They commit to do what they perceive as their G-d given duty rather than follow the instructions of an evil tyrant, despite the possible negative consequences of this decision." Enya Katz

Megilat Esther

In the project set forth by the students, you will see many portraits of the characters in the Megilah. Each is a window reflecting on the unique interaction between reader, artist and text. We found the development of this Jewish heroine fascinating, as she beats a path from meek submission to strength and assertiveness.

"She puts her life in danger for the sake of the Jews....She cuts her puppet strings, takes control over life, and that's what makes Esther a true leader."

Shira Gelfand

"Perhaps Vashti was in reality, a deep, important woman who wanted to be known for a little more than just her beauty."

Elisheva Baer

"The harsh and extreme brush strokes and dark shadows on her face, depict the fear, agony, anger, and hatred that Bat Haman felt and expressed all in that one instance." Mira Levy

Megilat Esther

Midreshet Emunah v'Omanut students explored the classic story of Purim.  In developing a relationship with each of the colorful characters, they discovered deep insights and eased into meaningful artwork.

"It is important to appreciate the extreme difficulty of Esther’s position and admire her struggle in maintaining her identity while having to conceal and compromise it for a greater good."

Michal Klein

"...that moment between life and death, that crucial moment that defined the past, the present, and the future of the Jewish people... with that she becomes both the victim and savior of the story" Yael Medrez

"It all seems much like a coincidence, but upon further inspection, we see that the whole story is even after event that God’s hand has sewn into the history of the Jewish people." Rachel Zinman


Rav Soloveitchik emphasized the experiential nature of the Seder, an idea which you will encounter in a number of the essays within. He explains how such learning informs the total personality. The same can be said for a year of study at Emunah v’Omanut, with high level Torah classes combined with top art instruction and creative expression.

"When we know of our own limitations and humanity, when we know where we have been and where we should be, we can scream out to Hashem. For it is only through His Outstretched Hand of Salvation that the rays of mercy and lovingkindness will come. Only through our screams will we grow and sprout, but grow and sprout we shall, higher than we ever thought possible." Meirav Gebler

"Each individual reflects and calls out to Hashem for the destruction of the Yetzer Hara within. This act is a sign of hope and expectation for great change in the future." Batsheva Malka Spaeth

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